1861 May 31 Charlottesville [Virginia]

Hd Qrs Camp Jefferson Col P St Geo CockeSirYours of this mornings datecame duly to hand, and contents noted,the requisitions I sent to Richmond were not answeredin full, they sent only the Muskets (Flint Locks) andAmmunition, I refer you to … Continue reading

1861 May 31

[The letter written by a member of the family of Edward T.H. Warren continues] Friday morning 8 o’clock The first [?] is a soldier at our wood pileHe sent his respects, would return the wood. Right before my windowis their … Continue reading

1861 May 30 Hopewell [Alabama]

my Dear Master I wrote to you the first of Mayand hope that my letter has beenreceived. I was sorry to hear thatyou were not very well but Ihope that by this time you arerrestored to your usual health.The crops … Continue reading

1861 May 30 Harpers Ferry

My Dear Pa, As tomorrow is the lastday that I can send a letter for three centsI will write, although I just wrote to Joeby this morning’s mail. Dr. Barret arriv=ed today bringing yr letter to me. I wasvery glad … Continue reading

[1861 May 30]

Letter begun my a member of the family of Edward T. H. Warren on May 26 resumes at this point. Thursday Our ctizens are fleeing from their homes to escapecapture and being forced to swear allegiance to the Federalgovernment. Our … Continue reading

1861 May 29 Charlottesville [Virginia[

Head Qrs Camp Jefferson Col P St Geo CockeCommanding Camp HenryCulpeper CH VaSirYour Telegramwas received last evening, and Capt Ellis companyforwarded this morning according to order,The Arms and Ammunition for requisitions (per copysent you) made on Richmond came to hand … Continue reading

1861 May 28 Richmond [Virginia]

Quarter Mastr General’s Office Virginia Forces Sir Yours of 26th for actg Asst Commissary Thomasthis moment to hand. I have sent you all the articles namedin your letter that we have had on hand or that it is possibletoo purchase. … Continue reading

1861 May 28

Genl Cockedear Sir, Freel wasthe name of the lady whowas to die if there were nofight– RespyR. S. Ewell Richard S. Ewell, 1817-1872, known as “Old Baldy” was a career army officer who resigned when his home state of Virginia … Continue reading

1861 May 28

[ letter by unknown member of the family of Edward T.H. Warren begun on May 26 continues] We have had such exciting times. The Federal troops are ex-pected every moment. Very often it has been announced thatthey were here while … Continue reading

Thursday morn^’ing’ My dear Sister, I’ll add ^’write’ a little more this mor^’n’ing as I have a little time. It is a very fine day but it may be raining before as the weather is so very changeable here…. Well … Continue reading