1861 April 30 Richmond, Va.

Hd Qrs Va ForcesSir: The General commanding instructs me to sayto you in reply to so much of your communication ofthe 28th inst as relates to the mission of Lt ColJones to Harpers Ferry, that Col. T.J. Jacksonof ^’the’ Va. … Continue reading

1861 April 30 Warrenton, Va.

Gov Letcher Dear Sir I received, on yesterday, a letter underdate of 5th Inst. from my Nephew Lieut Caleb Smithof the 2nd. Infantry enclosing his resignation in theArmy of the U States. He is in command of acompany of 80 … Continue reading

1861 April 29 University of Virginia

Dear Uncle Excitement being on the wane just now, in these parts,perhaps a letter from the University of Virginia, which hasnow become little more than a military school, wouldnot be uninteresting to you: especially as I believeJohn M. & Charley … Continue reading

1861 April 29 Martinsburg

My dear John, “‘Tis past a doubtall Bedlam,” or the D-C,is let out.” The shape of thingsin Balto, Maryland & hereis disquieting & contemp–tible–to the last degree.Foolery is ascendant, &–in my judgment–onlyto be got rid of by the ul-tima ratio. … Continue reading

1861 April 29 Powhatan

Gen. Jno Cocke My Dear Brother! I had the pleasure of recieving a letter from you, some two months since, andhave been waiting to hear of your return to Vathat I might reply: and having just recieveda letter from our … Continue reading

1861April 28 Harper’s Ferry

   Harpers Ferry  April 28th  61                        Dear Ma                                      As I have … Continue reading

1861 April 28 Richmond, Va.

Hd. Qrs. Va. Forces Special OrdersNo. 7 Colonel Thomas J. Jackson Vavolunteers, having been assigned to the dutyof mustering into the service volunteers at HarpersFerry, and to the command of that place,Major General Kenton Harper of the Vamilitia, now in … Continue reading

1861 April 28 Culpeper C.H.

Dear Uncle Charles [Cocke]; I write at Papa’s request to you to sendyour horse Tallyho by theboy Sterling who will ridehim to Charlottesville andfrom thence to CulpeperC.H. ^’in a week’ which is now hisHead quarters. Please givethe boy the necessary … Continue reading

1861 April 28 Elmwood

Dear Agnes, I arrived at home on Thursday, after apleasant trip, unattended with any thing worthy ofremark. I found the Captain of the “Valley” a veryagreeable and gentlemanly man, and the boat wellmanaged and comfortable. I arrived in Cincinnati intime … Continue reading

1861 April 27 Boston

Under the Washington Elm, Cambridge, April 27, 1861 a poem by Oliver Wendell Holmes Eighty years have passed, and more,Since under the brave old treeOur fathers gathered in arms and sworeThey would follow the sign their banners bore,And fight till … Continue reading