1861 July 31 Camp at Monterey

Dear FatherAll the accounts I have readin the papers, of our defeat at Rich Mountain andretreat from that place and from Laurel Hill, areso utterly untrue. I have determined to informd[sic]you of what facts I myself saw, and what I … Continue reading

1861 July 31 Fairfax Station [Virginia]

My darling Jennie Yesterday we detailed from our Brigade40 men to repair the bridges between thisstation & the Junction and I hope it willnot be many days before the trains willbe running to this point–when this occursI am going to … Continue reading

1861 July 30th, Camp Fairfax [Virginia]

Dear Joe,I would have answered yr letter longago but I’ve been expecting you over here every day for about two weeks,and I did not hear that you were not coming until Marcelus Beadlescame over. I w’d have been very glad … Continue reading

1861 July 30 Camp Pettis Fairfax County, Va.

My dear wife, Your very welcome letter of the 21st came duly to handlittle did you think that at the very time you were writing itthe bullets were whistling about our ears as thick as hail.it was certainly one of … Continue reading

1861 July 30 Fairfax Station [Virginia]

[to Jennie Warren] We are still at t his point anddoing nothing and yet I cant get leave ofabsence for 3 days Genl Elzy is anold brute & curses every man that appliesfor leave. I applied this morning again andwas … Continue reading

1861 July 29 View Mont [Albemarle County, Va.]

Gen. John H. Cocke,Dear Sir, I enclose, at mysister’s request, a copy of the letters you wished.Hoping they will be safely received, I remain,Very respectfully,Lotte Moon [enclosure follows] My sister [i.e. Dr. Orianna Moon], havingentered into a temporary engagement with … Continue reading

1861 July 29 Camp Pickens, Manassas Junction

My dear little Nannie: I send by Mr Progue a Yankee Knapsack, with some Brass Belt Plates & a small Book, from the Bull’s Run battle-field; which you can distribute at your Father’s house, as you like, reserving one or … Continue reading

1861 [July?]

A Confderate song typical of the rash of patriotic songs and poetry produced by both sides, especially in the first year of the war SONG. [small vignette of hunter with rifle and hound] BULL’S RUN Come gentle muse give me … Continue reading

1861 [post July 21] Washington Camp Oswego

[letter fragment of an unknown Union soldier in Co. J of the 24th [New York]Regiment] Dear wife I now sit down to let youknow that I am well and prettytough and hope these few lines willfind you enjoying the same … Continue reading

1861 July 27 Washington, D. C.

Dear parents and friends I have again got an opportunityto write and I thought I would occupy the time indoing so. I have recieved all the letters you havewritten to me and also one from Franics Symonds andone from James … Continue reading