1861 Feby 23d Washington

My dear friend, I have not writtenin reply to your last note becauseyour post office has escaped mymemory. I have been hoping fromday to day to meet some Virginianwho could give it to me. It hasjust been suggested that you … Continue reading

1861 February 20 House of Representatives

Speech of the Hon. Muscoe R.H. Garnett, of Virginia. …Do gentlemen imagine that the men who have, with the utmost calmness and deliberation, in seven States of the Union, called conventions, assembled together at great hazard to their business, encountered … Continue reading

1861 February 19 Manchester, N.H.

Speech of Richard H. Dana., Jr., to the Republican Club of Manchester …I ask leave to suggest a few plain propositions…. First. We will concede no new right, power, or recognition to slavery, whether political or territorial, whatever may be … Continue reading

1861 February 14 University [of Virginia]

Dear Father Several letters have beenreceived from home since I lastwrote. Your note from to Prof Gil-dersleeve has been received. I wentaround to the chairman, Dr Maupin& found that I could not attend onlya part of the lectures unless I … Continue reading

1861 February 12 Fitchburg

Genl. J.H. Cocke My dear General. One word. I doubt whether myletters reach you. My soul is [burdened?] in prayer to God,for this nations Politicians cannotsave it. God can by the hand of Chris-tians. A question General, answer itor not … Continue reading

1861 January 30 Clover Pasture

Col. Philip St. George Cocke My Dear Sir A few minutes ago, and for the firsttime, owing to the dissarrangements in our post office, I sawthe account of the meeting at Hoburn Chapel. Had I known the character of that … Continue reading