1861 February 12 Fitchburg

Genl. J.H. Cocke

My dear General.

One word. I doubt whether my
letters reach you.

My soul is [burdened?] in prayer to God,
for this nations Politicians cannot
save it. God can by the hand of Chris-
tians. A question General, answer it
or not just as you please.

What if the free States should offer
to pay the full price for all the slaves,
in view of their freedom in ten years,
let them remain where they are
on wages, educate them, let the nation
be one, free & glorious
! would the propo-
sition be acceptable! Say what you
please to this question, I shall love you
the same.

The dear Young men in College [?]
I am glad to tell ^’you’ send for our tracts,
the Lord bless them and prepare
them to act a noble part. Do write
General at once. Yours as ever Geo. Trask

George Trask, 1796-1875, was known as the “anti-tobacco apostle” and also labored in the anti-slavery cause. Over his long career he published many anti-tobacco tracts, a cause in which Cocke also believed. His son Josiah C. Trask, 1837-1863, editor of the Kansas State Journal, was slain in Quantrell’s Lawrence raid.

MSS 640

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