[no day] 1865 September, place unknown: “Where is the flag that once floated so proudly . . .”

[Postwar poem by an anonymous ex-Confederate soldier.] The Lament “Where is the flag that once floated so proudly, Where the bright arms that once sung out so loudly? Where the brave hearts that so long held at bay All the … Continue reading

Friday, 1865 August 4, New Orleans, Louisiana: “Business has changed very much, not only changed hands, but the very mode of carrying it out is so different from what it used to be”

[Impressions of business conditions in postwar New Orleans and Norfolk, Virginia, and the employment of African-American ex-slaves.] New Orleans, August 4, 1865 James W. Green Esq. Rappahannock County, Virginia Dear Sir: I arrived here on 25 July on Steamship “Star … Continue reading