1861 April 30 Richmond, Va.

Hd Qrs Va Forces

The General commanding instructs me to say
to you in reply to so much of your communication of
the 28th inst as relates to the mission of Lt Col
Jones to Harpers Ferry, that Col. T.J. Jackson
of ^’the’ Va. Vols has been sent in c9ommand of that
point and the country in its immediate vicinity,
and that your attention in that quarter will not there-
fore be necessary for the present.

You have been requested by telegraph to make a requi
sition for ammunition, specifying the number and kind
of arms for which it is wanted, allowing fifty rounds for each
man including the quantity on hand. The Genl instructs
me to suggest that whatever ammunition you may want
beyond this quantity, might be made within the limits
of your command.

I am, Sir, very respectfully
Yr obt Servt
R.S. Garnett
Adj Genl

Brig Genl Cocke

Apr 30 Letter
R S Garnett
Adj Genl

T J Jackson to Harpers
ferry & requisition for
ammunition & arms
May 1st

MSS 640

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