1861 April 29 Martinsburg

My dear John,

“‘Tis past a doubt
all Bedlam,” or the D-C,
is let out.”

The shape of things
in Balto, Maryland & here
is disquieting & contemp-
–to the last degree.
Foolery is ascendant, &
–in my judgment–only
to be got rid of by the ul-
tima ratio

I am too looking, with
increased eagerness, to
getting–as soon as possible
–to some place where
“From the look-holes of which,
to peep at such a world.”

I wish & intend to get
to Berkeley Springs, in a
few weeks–or sooner if
circumstances may so direct.

I am anxious to know
your programme.

Pray inform me;
Yrs affectly
J[ohn]. P[endleton]. K[ennedy]esq.

[page 2]
Were you not asto-
nished — aye–astounded
at this act of secession
by our Virginia conven-
tion? I was & am.

The influences — other
than want of sense or
want of integrity that
achieved it, are inexpli-
-cable to me–but I do not
doubt, that they are now
being brought to bear
upon Maryland

I can not imagine what
they are, unless it be, a
thoroughly ascertained
determination by England
& France to interfere–
but interfere, only in the
contigency that the Bor-
-der slave states write
their fate with that of
the entire Spouth

docketed April 1861
P.C. Pendleton.

MSS 10159-f

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