1861 May 29 Charlottesville [Virginia[

Head Qrs Camp Jefferson

Col P St Geo Cocke
Commanding Camp Henry
Culpeper CH Va
Your Telegram
was received last evening, and Capt Ellis company
forwarded this morning according to order,
The Arms and Ammunition for requisitions (per copy
sent you) made on Richmond came to hand today,
but no accoutrements, the Flint Muskets were sent,
those intended for Capt Ellis I will turn over to
Capt Taliaferro, the latter named company are just
such material as the former, except as a general thing,
the men are a little larger in size. I understood
today that there would be one or two more companies
from Amherst to come in, Lieut Cooke acccompanied
Lieut Otey today to Nelson county.

Your letter was handed me this morning; Capt
Taliaferro does not think the Rifles could be procured
in his county, I have been to all the Saddlers in
the town, all of them are occupied making Harness &c
for the State, and I cannot have the Cartridge Boxes,
or Scabbards made here, Most of the companies

[page 2]
are supplied with Cantines–Knapsacks, it is possible
I can have made here, am to have a reply on
tomorrow if it can be done, Tents and Uniforms
are now being made by the ladies for the Montgomery
guard (Capt Taylor) and it is exceedingly doubtful
whether any others could be made shortly, even if
the material can be had. Haversacks I will
try to have made by the ladies, shoes are
not to be had here at this time, but in this
particular I think most of the men now here are
supplied, or they are in the hands of the workmen,
I received a few Camp Kettles and Mess Pans from
Richmond on yesterday, enough for present demand,
but they are mostly of small size,

I sent the Muster Roll of Cap Ellis company
down this morning but had not time to send
(as I did in the other cases) returns of the company
on the other side you will find it,
The companies shall be all held ready subject
to orders, Could not Tents and Accoutrements
be obtained for them from Richmond?
Most Respectfully Your Most
Obt Servant
Wm H Fry
Lt Col Comdg

[page 3]
Return of Capt Jno T Ellis company “The Southern
Rights Guard” from Amherst CH Va. Mustered
into the service of the State of Virgnia on the 24th May 1861.

Camp Jefferson

Captains 1
Lieutenants 3
Seargeants 4
Corporals 4
Privates 69
Total 77
Aggregate 81

“Total” refers to the number of men and non-commissioned officers. “Aggregate” adds in the four commissioned officers, 3 lieutenants and a captain.

MSS 640

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