[1861 May 30]

Letter begun my a member of the family of Edward T. H. Warren on May 26 resumes at this point.

Our ctizens are fleeing from their homes to escape
capture and being forced to swear allegiance to the Federal
government. Our next door neighbor went off into the state
with the records of the county and General Washingtons will
which they had kept here at the Court House. I have just been
to see his wife, she is very low spirited, but wants him to
stay away to avoid capture. Thousands of our troops are
within a half dozen miles of us, and they say will soon try
to retake Alexandria, though I do hope they will not
attempt it as it would require such a sacrifice of life
I am packing all things I do not need so as to be ready to
go to Middleburg if necessary.

Thursday night
A company
of soldiers have taken quarters in our church just
before our door. Every lady flyng from Alexandria

letter will continue on Friday morning

MSS 7786-l

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