1861 May 30 Harpers Ferry

My Dear Pa,
As tomorrow is the last
day that I can send a letter for three cents
I will write, although I just wrote to Joe
by this morning’s mail. Dr. Barret arriv=
ed today bringing yr letter to me. I was
very glad to hear from all of you again
& to hear that you were all well. The bitter
& expectorant also came to hand for whi^’ch’
I am very much obliged. I got a paper
through mail besides the one that Dr. B.
brought. I as well as the most of the Boys
enjoy reading the papers you send me
very much. We were very much surpris-
ed to see Dr. B. back here again.

I heard of some recruits that we wd
have this week, that I do n’t think will
be of any benefit to our B, I don’t reckon
they ^ ‘all of them’ will be received, I for one will vote
against some of them… I’ve Just come

[page 2]
in from drill, I get very tired drilling some=
times, we drill a great deal & when our drill
master gets out on the field he does n’t know
when to let us off. It is right warm
now, we’ve had very good weather all the
week, had ^ ‘been’ right warm weather. Our uniform
is very hot now, I go in my shirt sleevs.
nearly all the time… I’ve not made Col Hill’s
acquain^’t’ance yet, will do so the first opportu=
nity I have, which I reckon will be soon.

The 3rd Regiment has been ordered away
from this place, to Manassas Junction I
think, I do n’t believe they’ve left yet.
I’ve heard nothing more of ^ ‘our’ leaving, do n’t
reckon we’ll leave directly unless there
is a fight & ^ ‘then’ our services will be needed,
if they have a fight at Manassa[s] I reckon
we will certainly take a part in it, if we
can get there in time. I do n’t think a at=
tack on Harper’s Ferry is expected now atall,
but everything is held in readiness in
case that an attack is made. We wd give
the Yankees a very hard fight here.

[page 3]
Chas. Jones has organized his company
at last has he? And it was about to break
up the last I heard from it. I hope he may
be drafted in the malitia. I’m very glad
Joe told him about his name being read
out everyday as a deserter; he has a minnie
musket & cap in his possession that belongs
to our Co which we wd like very much to get.
I do n’t think Cha. Jones ought to blame
Cap. Murray so much, for Cap. M try^’ied’ to make
an excuse for him by telling Col Hill that he
had gone home to raise a Co. Col Hill said it made
no difference even if he was a Cap, that he has
no right to leave & he sh’d be brought back.

I saw Cousine Will Jones yesterday, he expects
to go home on a furlough next week or week
after, he’s very anxious to see his wife.

Two at a time from a Co can get furloughs
for a short time now by paying his ^ ‘their’ own
expenses, I have no idea of trying to get
off myself as long as you are all well.
I do n’t expect to get home u^’n’till I’ve served
my time out, unless I sh’d be stationed

[page 4]
stationed somewhere near home. I wish
Pen was here with me, hope he will join
our Co as soon as the session closes. I expected
Cit Wallthall [Christopher J.] over here at one time but have given
him out now, my love to him & tell him he
must write to me. I wd be fixed if I had
Pen & Cit with me & Joe back here again.
It is getting late so I must bring my letter
to a close, it is now after supper. You must
excuse all imperfections. I know I’ve sent Letters
home that I wd be ashamed of if I cd see them now
for I do n’t always have time to look over them &
have to write in a great hurry & on gr amidst
great confusion &c but you know how I am
situated & will excuse me. My best love to
all at home, black & white & all my frien^’ds’
I am as well as I ever was in my life.
I must bid you good night. Yr devoted
& most affectionate son
P.S. P.E. Jones
How many teeth has the Baby
got? A mouth full I reckon. Can she set
alone yet? I want to see her very bad.

[The following is written in the top margin on page one.]
Henry, C. & Dock are very well. They send
their love. All of our sick ones are nearly well-
Tell Mr Carroll that Virg^’il’ [Virgil Carroll] is nearly well of the
mumps. Cap Murray commenced ha[v]ing
services last night, says he intends having
them every night. Tell Jim he must write
again soon. I will write before very long again.
You must not expect so many letters from
me hereafter Ed

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