1861 May 30 Hopewell [Alabama]

my Dear Master

I wrote to you the first of May
and hope that my letter has been
received. I was sorry to hear that
you were not very well but I
hope that by this time you are
rrestored to your usual health.
The crops I think are in very good
order. The cotton that I have seen
looks very well. We have our
Potato patch more than half planted
the plants are all leaving [leafing?] and looks
very well. the garden is looking
better than it did a week or two
ago. we will have a plenty of
Tomatoes after a while. we
have at this time Peas Snapps
Cabbage Squash, and will soon have
cucmbers. Mr. Powell thinks that
Samesone [?] would make a better
gardner than Etter. he will

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decide when he comes here again
which will be the 4th of June.
we got a letter from him to day
he was well. the people here
and at New Hope are well.
the woman that has been
sick so long is now nearly well.
Mrs Avery was very sick a few
days ago but is now better.
Mrs Joe Bunden also has a very sick
child. I have not seen Capt Cocke
since you went away he stays up
here but a very little. I am
geting along with my house business
very well. The people have all
got their Summer Clothes boath
here and at New hope. The weather
at this time is very warm. Two weeks
agao it was cool enough to keep
a fire all day. we are now haveing
a fine Shower of rain. we have not
had any rain before for three weeks.

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we have preaching regularly
at the Chapel. I send you a piece
that Mr Brame [?] has had published
in the Religious. Herald. about
this plantation, thinking that
you may not have seen it.
he made a little mistake in
the number of people, but
that makes but little difference
I am glad to see that he thinks
much of us. Mr S Powell
is well and desires to be
remembered to you. nothing
more from your servant
Luch Skipwith
PS May [she meant June] the 4th
my letter has been in the office a day
or two and it is sent back to me to
be paid for with money. I have
your letter dated May the 27th

I feels submissive to the will of God concerning
my brother.

Lucy Skipwith

MSS 640

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