1861 May 31

[The letter written by a member of the family of Edward T.H. Warren continues]

Friday morning 8 o’clock The first [?] is a soldier at our wood pile
He sent his respects, would return the wood. Right before my window
is their fire where they are cooking their breakfast, poor things.
I wish I could do it for them. My woman was washing for them
all day yesterday.

10 o clock I have just gotten the yarn
carpet up of the dining room and laid down the
straw matting gotten all swept nicely when Mr. Francis
Miss Lizzie’s brother came in. He was glad to speak to a
woman the first time for 4 weeks and to get some washing
done. I told him how glad I was to be able to help them
and am in my element now plenty to do for the needy.
One poor fellow Mr. Davidson a very nice young man was
at the pump washing some clothes setting flat on the ground
a nephew of the Rogers’ Sinah went out and offered to do
it for hm he would not accept now but will be glad to have
her help in a day or two and pay her well. I spoke to him
and was glad to find an acquaintance.

At day light this morning your Pa heard a soldier call his
name he hurried[?] out expecting it might be one of Lincoln’s
men but was relieved to find it our man of the wood.

I am going now to make bread for them while Sinah washes.
I am so glad I have every thing done so she will have leasure
to wait on them.

[letter will continue the following day]

MSS 7786-l

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