1861 May 31 Charlottesville [Virginia]

Hd Qrs Camp Jefferson

Col P St Geo Cocke
Yours of this mornings date
came duly to hand, and contents noted,
the requisitions I sent to Richmond were not answered
in full, they sent only the Muskets (Flint Locks) and
Ammunition, I refer you to my letter of the 29th for
particulars about accoutrements, I have two parties
now making estimates for Tents & Knapsacks, will
report so soon as I close with them,

The Tents for the Montgomery Guard (Capt Taylor) will
be completed by Monday morning next, Those for
Capt Rea perhapse by the middle of the week, then
tents will be furnished the companies by the county,
Capt Taliaferros (Amherst Company) Tents I hope to have
made by the middle of next week also. We are
badly off for accoutrements, and I learn that there
are none to be had in Richmond.

I have managed my affairs here with as much economy
as possible, Having many friends here, I had all
of the Straw I have used given to me, up to the
first of this week when I had to purchase two loads,
Quarters so far have cost me nothing, I have had
the use of the old Methodist church without charge,
(where the Montgomery Guard are quartered) The old Mudwall
house, and both ranges at the University were
tendered me upon application (but I have only used one as yet)

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Those who were sick enough to require nursing, were
taken in at the Infirmary at the University, some others
I had to board at a boarding house for a short time,
So soon as the Tents are completed, the companies
now here will be ready to move (except they will have
no accoutrements) I keep up the squad drill five hours
each day, and Dress Parade every evening, the most
of the men now here are raw recruits, and will
require a good deal of drilling before they can be
efficient, Will write you again tomorrow or the next
day and report all particulars,

Can you tell me any thing about the reported arrival
of improved arms at Lynchburg?

Respectfully Your Obt Servt
Wm H Fry
Lt Col Comdg & Mustering officer

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