Thursday morn^’ing’

My dear Sister,

I’ll add ^’write’ a little more this

mor^’n’ing as I have a little time. It is a very fine

day but it may be raining before as the weather is

so very changeable here…. Well Joe & Mr Bickers have

gotten off at last. I’m very sorry to part with them

but am glad they got off. It makes me feel like going

home myself to think of their going home, but I can be

satisfied & contented without them as I have so many

warm friends here…I’ve felt worse to day & yesterd^’ay’

than I have since I’ve been here, had the head ache &

[page 3]

a sick stomach yesterday, but I’m a good deal better

this morning & think by resting to day I’ll be well soon,

nearly every one of verour men have had bilious attacks.

There has been good deal of mumps & measles about here.

I will be very much obliged to you for the Bakers kitten

you spoke of sending me, you may have an opportunity

of sending it by Wm Barret, [Willian C.] who is expected here soon.

Pa can find out when he will start. I send my

daguerrotype by Dr Barret, it is not a very good like-

ness I think, you will see it is right black around

the mouth, that is whiskers, I’ve n’t shaved since

I’ve been here, but I must shave soon as Dr. Hall

says a soldier must not allow his beard to grow

longer than four inches….I wd be very glad to see

Bro. John over here next week, it wd be ^’a’ very nice trip

for him, he cd go to Mr Southans from here very

conveniently, for it is n’t but twelve miles.

We had se[r]vices in our quarters last night.

Cousine Dock sends love to all, says you must not

be uneasy about me, for he will take good care of me

& bring me home safely.

My best love to all

Yr fond Bro.

P.E. Jones

[On page four he writes, “In great haste”.]

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