1862 March 31 Hopewell, Alabama

Hopewell–mar. 31 1862 Dear masterI would have writen to youbefore this-but as Smithwrote to you after receivingyour letter I thought that Iwould wait until thepresent time.Smith left us the 24th instfor the war. he went fromhere to Mobile-we have heardnuthing … Continue reading

1862 March 31 Rapidan, Va.

[postscript to John B. Cary’s letter of March 26 and 29] Mch 31 I have not yet had an opportunity to send my letter as there are no regularmails here & we have to rely on private parties. Nothing new … Continue reading

1862 March 31, Camp Franklin, Va.

Dear parents, I received a letter from you last nightwith one enclosed for Duran, one for Frank Adams withsome verses and some needles and thread for me which Iwas glad to get one of the darning needles was largeenough for … Continue reading

1862 March 31 Orange C.H., Va.

Orange C. H. March 31st 1862.My Dear Father, On account of recent irregu-larity in the mails for several days pastoccasioned by the movement of troopsI have received no letters within thattime, and have done nothing in additionto what I reported … Continue reading

1862 March 31

[from the diary of Daniel D. Logan, Sgt. Co. B, 1st Special Battalion (Rightor’s), Louisiana Infantry] Monday – March 31st 1862 Reveille sounded at 6 o’c this morning – Weatherclear again – Had target shooting fromour four redoubts today with … Continue reading

1862 March 31 Lynchburg, Va.

[from the diary of William M. Blackford, of Lynchburg, Va., former diplomat, newspaper editor and bank officer, with 5 sons in the Confederate Army] Tuesday 31 Quarter day and of course theusual count. Most of my specie being insailor bags … Continue reading

1862 March 31 Camp Hayes, Raleigh, Va.

[from the diary of James Dinsmore Templeton, musician and private in the 23rd Ohio] Monday, Mar. 31, 1862Guard mounting &ParadeHad an inspection & reviewcarried out our knapsacksafter Parade marchedout to a hillvery fine day Clear MSS 10317

1862 March 31

[from the diary of Jesse Calvin Spaulding, Co. F, 25th Massachusetts] MondayMarch 31On guard to day at Burnsidesheadquarters third relief. Likethe place first rate. Had some turtle soup tonightfrom gen. Burnsides table. MSS 11293

1862 March 30 Camp Rappahannock, Virginia

Camp Rappahannock March 30” 1862 My own darling Wife Yesterday morning Genl Elzey sent me out with two companies to occupy the ground on the river bank imediately [sic] op posite the enimy [sic] with instructions to resist their efforts … Continue reading

1862 March 30 Front Royal, Va.

Home, March 30 1862 My Dear Son For some days past, I have beenlooking for an opportunity to write to youand have learned that Mr Myers willgo down on tomorrow or the next day; andif no earlier opportunity offers, willsent … Continue reading