1862 March 31 Lynchburg, Va.

[from the diary of William M. Blackford, of Lynchburg, Va., former diplomat, newspaper editor and bank officer, with 5 sons in the Confederate Army]

Tuesday 31

Quarter day and of course the
usual count. Most of my specie being in
sailor bags the task of counting was light.
We got through in a couple of hours in the
morning–various rumors of movements
of troops, and advances of the enemy. Large
reinforecements have gone from Orange to the
Valley, N. Carolina & Peninsula–Troops have
gone also south from Frdbg. This indicates
that no serious attack is threatened from the
Potomack unless Banks advances in the Valley
I have necessarily become very incredulous
as to rumors. I expect every moment
news of great events in the west, where
it is said Albert Johnson has laid his plans
with great skill, and that Buell may be
entrapped–We wait for the news exploits
of the Merrimac–never before did so much
depend upon the success of a single vessel
Recd dispatch from R. Saunders to have a
hack ready at the boat Wednesday morg to
take Miss Smith & party to his house & to
send Mr Granger to Carrysford [?] to request their
young Fairfax shd come in to meet them.
The lowest price demanded for a hack was
12$ for the task As they asked 5$ for a
passenger I did not send one but wrote
to Mrs. S. by mail–Went to the depot
at qr past 8 and staid until 10 when
hearing the cars would not be in until
12 came home much exhausted.

MSS 4763

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