1862 March 31, Camp Franklin, Va.

Dear parents,

I received a letter from you last night
with one enclosed for Duran, one for Frank Adams with
some verses and some needles and thread for me which I
was glad to get one of the darning needles was large
enough for any kind of sewing I should think you seem to
think I do not get all your letters but I think I do although
once in a while they do not come direct you wrote one a short
time ago I did not get for three weeks with a billet from
Add Strout and a billet for Frank Adams after this I
will put down the date of every letter so you will
know if I get them all and I want you to do the same
I have been writing to Susan and I shall not seal it so you
may read it then seal it up and send it to her the first
opportunity; you will find some good news in it I tell
you it was good to us of Co. K. last night we had a terrible
thunder storm with very sharp lightning some thought it
was the heaviest thunder they ever heard it is cloudy today
and we may have more rain before night. I was glad to hear
of your intention to carry on the farm yourselves this summer
I would not try to plant any more corn than you can dress well
potatoes and oats will grow getter than corn without
manure I know it is no good corn land in the square field
where I suppose you will plant corn it will need a large quantity
of manure more so if you spread it on without puting[sic] any in the hill
but I suppose you will know best what to do about it.

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We are expecting to get two months pay this week well
before I mail this If I do I shall send some money
if we do not send it by the 5[th]alotment priviledge as
in either case I will write something about it when I send it
When you answer this letter I want you to tell me as near as you can how
much you are oweing and to who it is due and also what Varny has done about that note if it is not paid and what you know about what Stinchfields folks are going to do about Washingtons farm I want to hear about Henry Jordans clame as soon as you hear any thing about it and all other news you can think of to write any thing will be interesting to me I think you had better keep all the gold and silver you can get or have got and use the bills when you buy any thing or pay any debts I shall try to get some gold to send home when we get paid off if I can.

[letter of Hiram Cash of the 5th Maine will resume on April 2]

MSS 12916

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