1862 April 29 Lynchburg, Va.

[from the diary of William M. Blackford of Lynchburg, Va, former diplomat, bank officer and editor, with five sons in the Confederate Army] Tuesday  29  clear and pleasant andmost genial.  very busy in Bank, andmuch engaged otherwise–news fromN.O. better  city … Continue reading

1862 April 29

My dear cousin Maggie Yours asyou request shall receivemy early attention.  You willnot I hope cousin Maggie thinkthat I have failed at any time to appreciate your correspondence, if I tell you it ismore interesting now than ever.My correspondence has … Continue reading

862 April 29 Mulberry Point, Va.

Mulberry Pt  April 29th 1862 Mt dear Mary I have just recd yours of the 26thThis is no place for Seman–I would like to havehim but he might go over to the Yanks, or be shot–I think you all had … Continue reading

1862 April 28 White Sulphur

[from the diary of future University of Virginia Professor of Greek,  Milton W. Humphreys, of the King Artillery, as copied by him and annotated in 1893] 28.  About this time Capt Bryan, whose Company had marched withthe entire force under … Continue reading

1862 April 29 Lynchburg, Va.

My dear Launcelot, I was much pleased to meet with Mr McGuire, not only as an son of an old friend & school mate, but as one just from your camp and who could give us all the news about … Continue reading

1862 April 28 Camp near Conrad Store, Swift Run Gap, Va.

Camp near Conrad StoreApl 28, 1862 Dear CharlieYour letter wasreceived a few days ago, andwould have answered it sooner butfor the fact of having to moveso oftenI went to see Dr. Colemanas you requested and statedthe facts to him but … Continue reading

1862 April 28 Camp No 3 10 Miles South of Raleigh

Apr 28th / 62 Camp No 3  10 Miles Southof Raleigh Dear Father I wroteto you Saturday eveningApr 19th  We left that campon the following Thursdaybeing hindered untilthat time by rains.We marched about5 miles and camped onone of Floyds old … Continue reading

1862 April 28 Richmond, Va.

Dear Phil  [Phillip Barraud Cabell] Your letter hasjust reached me in time to answerby the boat which will leave almostimmediately–I wish I could goup this evening to  your house butam an present in such a peck oftrouble about an embarrassmentthrown … Continue reading

1862 April 18 Staunton, Va.

[from the diary of Joseph A. Waddell, former editor and owner of the Staunton Spectator] Monday night, April 28, 1862. Another bright and beautiful spring day, but the com- munity very much depressed again. This morning we heard that New … Continue reading

1862 April 28 Chapel Hill, N.C.

[from the diary of Eliza Oswald Hill, refugee from Wilmington, N.C.] Monday  Liz & I paid four visits this afternoon–after sewingdiligently all morning–At night we had music fromMary Wilson & Eliza–No gentlemen called somewhat strangeI thought. MSS 6960