1861 October 29 Williamsburg

My dear, dear wifey In writing to you this morn-ing I hardly know where to commence–I havewritten to you twice in the last two weeks, but cantsay whether you have gotten my letters or notthe mails are so irregular–the last … Continue reading

1861 October 29

[from the diary of Francis G. Hale, Co. F, 24th Ohio Zouaves] Last night a bout 8 o clockthere was a house caughtor was set afire a crostthe river it was a twostory store house it soonwas in a blaze … Continue reading

1861 October 28

[from the diary of Francis G. Hale, Co. F, 34th Ohio Zouaves] I have still a bad coldand do not feele verywell Bill Hosier has gotthe measles and is in the hospittal but I hopehe will be out sooneNews came … Continue reading

1861 October 28

[from the diary of James Dinsmore Templeton, private and musician in the 23rd Ohio] Played as usual did nothingimportant Whittled some on aPipe which I spoiled. Charlie wasreprimanded by the Col for notpracticing more Commenced havingtwo meals per daycold night … Continue reading

1861 October 28 Bull Run Virginia

Camp near McLean’s Ford My Dear Creek I am happy to inform you that the Boxcame duly to hand, the contents were all safe except thetwo bottles of Pickles and one of Catsup which were Brokenthey did not however damage … Continue reading

1861 Oct 29th Hopewell

[letter written as an addendum to Lucy Skipwith’s letter of October 28] Dear GenlWe received your letter yesterdayand were truly glad to hear from you & to findthat you are not confined to a bed of sicknessWe have had a … Continue reading

1861 Oct the 28th Hopewell

My Dear Master [General John Hartwell Cocke] I have written to you every month and hopethat my letters has been received.We have not received a letter from yousince you letter dated September the 2nd.I hope that you are not sick.We … Continue reading

1861 October 27

[From the diary of Eugene M. Cox of the Albemarle Border Guards] 9 P.M. This pleasant Sabbath Day has been spent in peace and quiet–The sun with all the brightness and warmth of a summer’s day has warmed, cheered, and … Continue reading

1861 October 27]

[from the diary of James Dinsmore Templeton, musician and private in the 23rd Ohio Infantry] Played as usual. waited on B[oys?]some who is quite unwell, Had finedinner of roast Beef mashed po-tatoes Procured some Laurel rootsone piece from Carnifax. An … Continue reading

1861 October 27 Camp near Centreville

Head Quarters 5 Brigade My dear John I have just received the box of clothingall safely–opened it & delivered to the servants S[?] &Tyler the articles for them–and retain what is for my-self–This will give us an abundant supply for … Continue reading