Sunday, 1864 April 24, Otisville, Genesee County, Michigan: “Now about buying a horse . . . Never buy & furnish anything that the U. S. furnishes”

[Letter of a Michigan civilian who advises his cavalryman brother against purchasing his own horse for military service] Otisville, April 24, 1864 Genesee County, Michigan Bro. Alf: I now will try to [unintelligible word] this Sunday morning in writing to … Continue reading

Tuesday, 1864 February 16, Stony Mountain, Virginia: “I have found out lately that I will not get out of service as soon as I expected”

[A Pennsylvania soldier stationed in Virginia writes to his mother] Signal Station, Stony Mountain [Virginia] Feb. 16th 1864 Dear Mother I have received your welcome letter of the 12th instant & also the one before—this evening—as one of the fellows … Continue reading

Friday, 1864 January 8, New Kent County, Virginia: “Slave Ephraim . . . died . . . on the Coast of South Carolina . . . and worth thirteen hundred dollars”

[Deposition on the loss of a male slave who died while a conscripted laborer at South Carolina fortifications for the Confederate Army.] State of Virginia New Kent County, to Wit: I, A. K. Tribble being duly sworn before a Justice … Continue reading

Wednesday, 1863 December 16, Hanover Junction, Virginia: “Invoice of . . . the property of Private E. G. Carter . . . who died in Hanover Junction Hospital”

[Confederate hospital record of a deceased soldier-patient’s belongings] Invoice of Clothing the property of Private E. G. Carter, Co. H, 21st [Regiment, North Carolina] Infantry who died in Hanover Junction Hospital, December 14, 1863, of this day turned over to … Continue reading

Thursday, 1863 November 19, Norfolk, Virginia: “I have not applied for any permit to bring my wife here but shall try to do it by stratagem . . . I do not wish to appear before the War Dept. in the character of an idler and sybarite”

[A Union general writes from an occupied Confederate Virginia city about his efforts to obtain leave and the recruitment of African-American soldiers.] Norfolk, Va. Thursday Nov. 19 [1863] My Dear Kinsley, Good and faithful servant! I would be very glad … Continue reading

Friday, 1863 October 23, Charlottesville, Albemarle County, Virginia: “I am getting no better . . . the doctor says I will not be fit for service again this winter”

[Letter of a Confederate Louisiana soldier from his hospital bed] Delevan Hospital Charlottesville, Va. October 23rd 1863 Dear Captain [William E. Moore, Company H, 1st Louisiana Infantry?]: I received your kind letter this evening with my two months pay for … Continue reading

Saturday, 1863 September 19, Bedford County, Virginia: “Slaves furnished . . . to labour . . . in the Service of the Confederate States”

[County appraisal of 12 slaves assigned as military laborers] Appraisement of Slaves furnished by Slaveholders of Bedford County in pursuance of an order of the County Court of said County of 19th Sept. 1863, to labour on fortifications in the … Continue reading

Saturday, 1863 July 4, Westminster, Maryland, and, Saturday, 1863 July 18, Bunker Hill, Berkeley County, Virginia: “Two Roads from Gettysburg: Union and Confederate Soldiers’ Letters”

Letter 1 of 2: Saturday, 1863 July 4, Westminster, Maryland: “Some very hard fighting at Gettysburg . . . our forces have Captured Several thousand Rebels” Westminster, Maryland July 4th 1863 My wife: I again pen a few lines for … Continue reading