1862 April 29 near Yorktown, Va.

Camp Near Yorktown
April 29th
Dear Cousin I received your letter of the
sixth since I have bin at this place an
was glad to here from you all.  I would
have ritten to you be fore now but we
have bin posted on the out post an I have
ent had the chance  this leaves mi self &
Jimey well an much hope en these few lines
may find you injoying the same blessing.
we have a good eal of sickness here, at least
a good meny that are unable for service
we have had a very hard time since we left
Orange CH. we havent got any tents nor I
dont reaken we will have any whayle we sta
here,  we have to sta in entrenchment every
other day an night, the entrenchments
we sta in are n in a quarter of a mile of the
yankees,s  they are constant shoot ing at
us and thwrowen barms over us.  We have ent
got but one of our men wounded sence we
have bin here, but some are get en woun
ded everay day on sum ciled.
we erlected our arfecers to day for the
next too yers,  we erlected Badgett
Capten, Price first Lieutenant, Sam
swanson secant, & John Herndon third.

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I will come to a close as I havent much news
to write, you must excuse this badley rit
letter an write soon, give mi best respects
all the famaly write soon and direct your
letter to yorktown, Va.  Noth en more at
present but remain
your your frend

John Booker to
Miss unity Blair

John and James Booker, of Pittsylvania were in Co. D of the 38th Virginia (Whitmell Guards)

MSS 11237

John Booker

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