1862 April 29 Fort Albany, N.Y.

Fort Albany  Apr 29/62
6 o’clk P.M.
Beloved Wife,  [Priscilla]
I received your last about
half an hour ago.  I thought as I had nothing
to do I would write you a few lines–It
has been raining most of the day, but has
now cleared away and is very pleasant
and warm I was very glad to hear from
you. How glad I am to hear that your
Mother is better, and that the children are
well and hearty, how I should like to
see them,  I hope now that you have
got some help, you will feel better
and have an easier time, than you have
for the last month.
T-morrow we are to be mustered into
the service, and sign the Pay Roll
I believe it is necessary to go through
that operation in order to get our

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pay, I dont understand much about it
neither do I want to, so long as we get
our money.  Perhaps Fitzwilliam can tell
you more about it than I can.
About those shirts you need not trouble
yourself any more about them. I can
get along very well without for the pres-
ent, as it is coming warm weather and
pay-day is to be shortly.  We can make some
arrangement after that comes, I should
rather have a good large Box of goodies
at present, than the shirts, not that
we dont have enough to eat, but that
goodies work in handy sometimes in
so large a family as I have got.  You
must let Ellen know when you get
ready to send also Mary Anne, Dont
forget to put some of the Indian Weed
in one corner, for that you must know
is the “grand comforter” if a Soldier & Sailor

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I shall endeavor to see J. B. when I go
to Washington again, I thank him for
his offers of kindness, and will try and appreciate
Tell Mrs Perkins her boy is well and hearty
and seems to enjoy himself, first rate
I let him read the lines you wrote,
This morning we got the official report of the
capture of New Orleans, and it makes the
“Boys” feel first rate, I forgot to tell you
that Pratt, the great American traveller has
been here for the last two or three weeks, he
gave us some “highfaluitian” speeches I can
tell you, the “Boys” had to play all manner
of tricks on him in order to drive him
away, he was a regular nusuiance.
I did not intend to write but a line or two
when I began, and as what I have scribbled
dont amount to much, and the Boys are coming
in to the tent for the night, I will close,
Good night dear ones, Write often, God bless you

Robert: unidentified soldier in the 14th Massachusetts Heavy Artillery

MSS 1242

pay, I dont understand muc

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