1862 April 30 Lynchburg, Va.

[from the diary of William M. Blackford of Lynchburg, Va, former diplomat, bank officer and editor, with five sons in the Confederate Army]

Wednesday 30–Another most disagreeable[?] wind and rain most of
the day.  I have never known such
a season–Heard that William had
failed to be made the Captain. He was aware
of the combination against him and
did not expect it.  I confess I am
sorry & mortified, but it reflects no
discredit on him: He is admittedly one
of the best officers in the service. The
fact of his not being a S. Western
man was used against him. I dont
know what he will do. I hope the Sec
-retary will assign him to Engineering
duty.–He is in Richd and will proba-
-bly be home tomorrow. Letter from
Mathew Maury accepting invitation
for his daughter Mary to come here
which she will do at the proper time.
Letter also from Kean, who thinks no-
thing can be done for  [?] but to have
a substitute.
News from every quarter bad–the en
emys fleet 13 vessels–and among them
the steam frigate Hartford, one of the
most formidable in the service–are ly
-ing on the River at N.O.–threatening
to shell the city–The President has
ordered back the army of Lovell &
assigned Bragg to the command–Unless
the enemy land their army from
Ship Island, they cannot hold the city
and I presume it would not be their
[?] to hold it.  altogether it is a
most extraordinary state of things &
I do not see the solution.
I attended at night in the Church
the marriage ceremony of Capt Sitgreaves
of S. C. and Miss Bev. Rudd.  they
knew each other but a week before
their engagement.  I am glad she as
at length attained the object of her
ardent  [?] –Mary J. was
an attendant–returned to [?]
and did not come home until past

MMS 4763

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