1861 September 29

[from the diary of Francis G. Hale of Co. F, 34th Ohio Zouaves]

we are all tolerable well
this morning but have
got bad colds
the watter is falling now
this morning it is fifteen
feete highe than it was
ever knowen to be before
we have got our things
some of them dry
but they will not be
enough for the company
When they come back
yesterday there was a fellow
got shot through the leg by a
mis shot.

[Hale wrote two entries for this day. The following entry was later x-ed over]

we have all got a cold
this morning but feele
tolerable well other
ways for the fix we
are in for we have
no officers over us
Dick Hosier & I are
the officer in com
mand now Dick is
capt & I am orderly
we get a long tolerably
well for greene hands
the water is falling
this morning it is
fifteen feete higher than
it ever was nown to be

MSS 13405

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