1861 Sept[ember] 29 Camp Vernon Va

Dear Father I received A Letter from you & a Paper dated the 24th the Report here is that the Federalists had taken Munson Hill where the Rebels have been makeing a Battery they had it most done, yesterday the Federal Pickets took some thirteen Rebel Baggage waggons and three Thousand Bushels of Wheat and twenty five barrels of potatoes & two or three hundred wheight of dried fish at the House that Belong to John Washington the one that was shott By one of our Pickets I wrote A Letter to Ellen Last week & you do not say any thing about it in your Letter there was A Letter and a note in my Letter that you wrote to me for McPhearson and He thinks it is kind of strange that his Wife does not get the Letters that he writes to her, I should like to know if you received that four dollars that I sent you or not you do not say any thing about it in your Letter i should have sent more to you But I owed some six dollars to the Sutler which I had taken up at his Place & some Three or Four dollars to the Boys which i owed to them i have Paid all up I was foolish ever so Much and i do not want you to Correct me for it Because i know that i shall want something to Lay My hands on if i ever should come Home we get Paid of 26 more dollars the twenty Fifth of next month and i shall [send] the money Home to you & shall Keep only the six to spend and I shall continue sending it after this to you to keep for me you need not say anything about the first months pay Let that go i shall Send one of the Suttlers bills to you and let you know what kind of bills they have George Brown Told me yesterday that he wrote a Letter to George and he told me the Reason that he wrote to him that was he always Liked him there will be a Chance for Him to be appointed Captain in the Company to which he belongs the captain of that Company has been appointed Major of the Regiment i shall read the sermon that you sent to me to day, From your Son Joseph Leavitt you did not say wether you sent that Box or not Mc Fearson said you was going to send one this week I hope you will.

MSS 66

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