1861 September 29 Camp Blair

Dear Pa;
As Mr. Hackett is going home tomorrow, I will
write a letter to send by him, though it is hardly worth while for me
to write as he can give all the news. We were very glad & right
much su^‘r’prised to see Mr. Hackett. Your letter was received last night;
we were glad to hear that the sick ones at our house were getting well. I am
very sorry to hear of Mr. Kennon’s sickness, am afraid he will never
recover; I believe he would have certainly died if he had remained here,
he was very low spirited & could not eat anything at all hardly; Kit
& I used to make tea for him every day, he was in the hospital. We haven’t
anybody in the hospital now. They have two large tents a little distance
outside of camp for the hospital….Billy Goodwin expects to get
a discharge, but I think it is very doubtful about his getting it. Charles
Barret got back here last night, I understand he expects a furlough too.

[Edloe changes from ink to pencil for the rest of this letter.]

This paper is so bad that I can’t write hardly with a pen, so I must
finish with my pencil. We expected a few days ago to have been at
Munson’s Hill again before this, but we’ve been agreeably disappoint-
ed for once – I suppose we are done going to Munson’s now for a while,
for all of those Hills have been evacuated except by cavalry pickets,
they were evacuated a few days ago. I believe they were held as
long as they were just to try to bring on an engagement. Col. Stuart
has been made Brigadier General – I think he ought to thank the
13th for his permotion – he was here yesterday-We expected to march
last Wednesday, as orders were given for three days rations to be drawn & one
days cooked –I would not be surprised if we moved very soon – Lieut Wins-
ton went to Gen. Elzee yesterday to get a pass to go to Fairfax CH, Elzie
refused to give it to him, said we were under marching orders & he did n’t
know how soon we might move – Sometimes I don’t think we are

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going to move from this place any time soon, & then again I think
we are going to move directly – we can’t tell any thing about it – If we
do move anytime soon, I reckon it will just be to change our campground.
Bro. John, Pen & myself were on guard last Wednesday – I had a fine
time, was sent with an officer & two men to search for whiskey in the quar=
ters of the artilerymen, we found a rantel full & had the pleasure of pouring
it on the ground myself, by order of Col. Hill – Five of the guard, Bro. John & I
with them, were sent to & the officer of the guard, were sent to break up a
Faro bank, which had been in operation for a week or two, in one of the
tents of the Baltimore Co., (in our Regt.) we found them playing, the box
& fixtures were taken & carried to Col. Hill, & the dealer, a second sergeant,
was ar=
rested – I don’t know what disposition Col. Hill has made of the box, but suppose

it will be destroyed – There has been a great deal of gambling & drinking going

on in camp lately – I am sorry to say there was a fight in our Co. last Friday
between the Mappen[?- perhaps “Maupin”] & Trices – I did n’t see it, believe Mr. Hacket saw it –it did not end in anything serious, two of the parties got in the guard house by it.

Pretty sent his in his resignation some time ago & yesterday it was read
out that it had been accepted & he is to serve his twelve months out in the
ranks, by Gov. Letcher’s order. I think that was most too hard…..We had
a good deal of wind here Friday too, & some rain, our tents came very
near being blown over, several were blown down – We have right col
cool mornings now & our fires feel very comfortable – we build fires
in front of our tents at night….We have commenced the skirmish drill,
like it very much – Col. Walker saw us drilling the other day, he told
Cap. Murray that it was the best drilling he had seen since he had been
in service….Bro John has not heard anything from his commission & I
am afraid now he will be disappointed in getting it…Mr. Loy was
here last Monday to see Bro. John, he spent the night & next day with us.
Mr. Hackett went to Centerville this morning – I don’t think camp
life would suit Sam at all.

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Henry Chiles is still limping with his boil, says as they would not
give him a furlough he will take holiday & not drill anymore for some
time – his boil is nearly well. I am sorry Henry could not get off..It is
reported now that no more furloughs will be given, I expect it is true.
Some of the boys want furloughs right bad – I would not object to having
one myself for a few weeks. We would like very much to see you over here,
but I know it does not suit you atall to leave home, as you have so many
sick ones & yr business to attend to – Cap. Murray seems an[x]ious for you
to s come over – I believe Kit expects his ^‘Father’ here Tuesday. Garret
does ^‘not’ know
when he will get off, may not go at all – I would miss Garret very
much, if he went away. Tell Joe Brooks I will answer his letter
soon, but he must not wait for me, for his letter was a short one.
Does Joe live at the CH now? If he has nothing particular to do he had
better come over & spend a few weeks with us – I have plenty room
in my tent for him. What has become of Alben? I have not heard
from him for some time. Sister don’t write as often as she used to
but I know she has some good excuse for not writing……I wish
you would have me a good pair of shoes or boots made, I am
not in need of them just now but will need them before very long.
I have written everything I can think of now so I must quit.
all of us are well. Excuse this badly written letter & all mistakes –

Write soon to yr devoted & most aff son

P. E. Jones

I have packed up that trunk with the Jars & bottles wh.
I will send home by Mr. Hackett if I can get it off. I put Mr. Kennon’s
coat in it, a bundle directed to Miss Trice & a box to Mrs. Nuckolls.
We enjoyed the box of potatoes as much as anything else you
ever sent. Tell Lin Kent I am waiting patien[t]ly for an answer
to my letter. Best love to all at home, all friends & accept

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a large share of for yr self. I heard of the Belle’s dream about
Gen. Johnston, my love to her. I will write again soon.
Edloe Jones

Philip Edloe Jones, Private, Co. E, 13th Virginia Infantry

MSS 13407

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