1862 Nov. 1 Philomont 11.30 A.M.

Hd. Qrs. Cav. Brigade
Purcellville Nov 1. 11.30  A.M.
To General R B Marcy
Chief of Staff
       My Command has
arrived at this point & I am
now sending out scouts in different
directions–About one hundred
rebel cavalry left this place
hastily on our advance & took
the road to Middleburg–
    I am told there’s a force
of rebel cavalry & infantry
at Upperville—
           Have not heard
yet from Gen. Bayard-
        My force is so small
not over fifteen hundred
men–that I find myself
obliged to work my men very
hard to do the duty required
of them–For want of horses
the dismounted men left
behind have not come up

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& many of my old horses
are becoming unfit for service
by disease, colic & Rotten hoof–
     Yesterday Stuart captured
a number of 1st Rhode Island
cavalry (Stoneman’s) beyond this
place–some say a squadron
but I doubt that number–
    Could not that regiment be
sent to me–they are only
covering the ground I now
go over & are in my way–    

                  Very respectfully
                    A. Pleasonton
                      Brig. Genl

My scouts have gone to Union
& Bloomfield

MSS 495

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