1862 September 29 Post Hospital near Alexandria

No 70,        No. 70

Post Hospital near
Alexandria Sept 29th/62

Dear Mother
     I am still here and think
likely I shall stay here sometime
as the doctor says he can do but
little for me here.  Now I dont
want you to think I am very sick
as you would not have thought
so to have seen me travelling off
6 miles the other day which a very
sick man could not do.  There is
not much of any news here of
importance–Everything jogs along
the old way eat, drink & sleep
is all we have to do Night before
last 4 of our 60 came here paroled
prisoners from Richmond taken
at Gaines Mill a hard looking set
there was about 600 in all most
without shoes clothes all were out

[page 2]
and looking lank & lean they
represent things as in an awful
condition t Richmond Provision
scarce and everybody predicts a
famine there in a very short time.
Tea is $1 a pound, Matches 25
cts a box, and by paying $1.50 a pound
you can get an article called coffee
but which does not contain a
single kernel of it, they subsisted
on 1/2 loaf of bread a day not
such loaves as we get but said the
could take a quarter of a loaf and
shut it right up in their hand
The guards some of them said
that their army was subsisting
on corn & apples had noting else
Tell Asa I was over to the 16th
the other day, they are about a
mile from here, I saw Frank
Wright he looks slim enough
I was surprised when I was over
to Fort Corcoran the other day

[page 3]
to see the troops in front of
Washington they are as thick
as they was last winter and then
think of the force in Maryland
what an army there must be here
on the line of Virginia.  I hope the
Governors will get their request of the
President to send home all the
sick at the states expense as the
fellows will get well so much
faster Will write again soon–
Direct to Post Hospital near
Alexandria Care of Col Belknap
      From your aff son
          Wm Wallace


No 70

               Mrs. E. Smith
               Newton Lower Falls

William Wallace Smith
Co. B, 22nd Massachusetts

MSS 15360

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