1862 July 31 Lynchburg, Va.

[from the diary of William M. Blackford, bank officer and former diplomat with five sons in the Confederate Army]

Thursday 31 Heavy rain story about day
light–rained slightly nearly all
day–Dispatch dated yesterday from
Gwatkins–Eugene still sick with
fever and disordered bowls–afterwards
another telegram of today, saying
he was much as he was yesterday ex
cept that the bowel complaint
had been checked & sent Pleas out
to Flat Creek on Eugenes horse to carry
a telegram from Richd Davis.  If
he is not wanted by Eugene I should
send him back until E is ready
to take the field–Letter from Mr.
Gwatkin repeating his telegram I
think Mary or myself will have
to go down–very hard doing work
Called in the evening to see  Tom [Miller?]
who is doing well

MSS 4763

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