1861 July 31 Camp near Madison C.H.

July 31st
Camp near Madison C.H.
Dear Sister
       I will attempt
to write you a few
lines in addition to
what is enclosed to
let you know that
I am well and in
good spirits except now
and then, when we
were short of rations
which is very often

[page 2]
As we are now across
the mountains we have
some prospect of rest
soon. It is reported that
the yankees are occupying
their old ground on
Stafford heights if so
I suppose we will
move towards Fredericks-
burg before long.
We were all glad to
get east of the Blue

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ridge this time for
we think times will
be easier than in
the Valley.  The sound
of the railcar whistle
is a  great relief to
men whose appetites
are sharpened by hunger
it betokens more to
eat and of a better
quality.  I received a
letter to day by A Smiley
in which you said
for me to write if
I needed pants but
I expect to draw a

[page 4]
pair soon and then
save the risk of having
them sent to me while
we are not settled
I was not surprized to
hear of Miss Jennies
marriage as Lieut Carson
had told me of it before
I received your letter
But I will now close for
the present by asking
you to write soon and
let me hear all the
particulars. nothing more
but remain as ever
your brother
                   T.M. Smiley
P.S. When you write let
me know whether ma got
the letters I sent Her. T.M.S.

Thomas M. Smiley, Co. D, 5th Virginia

MSS 1807

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