1862 July 31 Camp near Mechanicsksville

Camp near Mechanicksville
July 31. P.M. 1862

Dear Charley:
    I have broken my trunk key
& in consequence have to write with pencil,
a plan I once affected, but now condemn–
I have the pleasure of sending herewith your
application duly signed, & I hope you may
speedily effect your purpose.  You must now
get an approval from the Officers of the com-
mand you propose to join. The case is decided
by Gen. Lee, so the adj. at Ten Jackson’s head
quarters told me this morning.  I am sorry
to lose you from this corps, as I can be with the
21st frequently, but I highly approve you join-
ing the cavalry; & then, besides, you will be with
Jenny, & probably nearer home. We are now
pleasantly encamped near brethren Good-
man, Quarles, et idomne genus, &
invitations abound, some of which I ac-

[page 2]
cept.  I have daily worship, but dont
do much visiting among the men–Sundry
things & specially my diffidence pre-
   doing it to much purpose
vent ^ We are not having drills since we
came here, abut courts of inquiry, inspec-
tions, reports, & a general righting up of
of things–Everything is rather dull–While I
was at your Reg this A.M. I witnessed
one fisticuff, & an Irishman bucked for
getting drunk.  Just now two Louisianans
were marched by here to Gen. Ewell, bear-
ing two sides of a shoat they had killed-
They were sentenced to wear the meat round
their necks till it smelt.  No one under-
stands our late move, but most regard
it merely strategie–I suppose it has
reference to Pope’s taking command of the
“on to Richmond army.” Nous venions.  If
you want me to furnish you a horse, let
me know, & I will see  what I can do.
If you all write at once, send to Gordonsville
Love to all. Your loving Bro George

[in top margin page 1]
Hill’s division has come, & I learn others are coming]

George Taylor, Confederate chaplain, brother of future Wake Forest University president Charles Elisha Taylor

MSS 3091

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