1862 May 31 Flat Top Mountain, Va.

                                       Flat-Top Mountain, Va. May 31st.
     Times are really quite dull.  The
prospect is, that no immediate movement
will be made, probably the intention to await
until something decisive has been accomplished
at Richmond.  However, Col. Crook across
the river is doing something to show the
rebels that although they may chase a
greatly inferior force, when possessing every
advantage, they cannot always expect to be
triumphant, as we are told that Col. Crook
with an inferiors force, and without artillery
whipped Gen. Heath at Lewisburg a few days
ago, capturing 100 prisoners, 4 cannon, and
playing destruction generally.
     The Paymaster is coming, and will pay us
for two months in a few days.
     The 23rd Reg’t is to be armed with the rifled
musket, in place of the old smooth bore, which
they have had since entering the service.
     They were received here this evening,
and will be distributed to the boys

The weather is immoderately warm,
so much so that a half hour’s exercise
at drill is fatiguing.  The nights,
however, are as cool correspondingly.
     Today, the usual monthly inspection
of the Regiment was made.
     For the past few days, I have felt
somewhat indisposed, but gave the matter
little attention until today where there is
a more grave face put on the matter, and
I feel really Sick.  But, hoping for
the better, I will not give way to despondency
and lowspriitedness.
     There has been, or is now something
doing in Eastern Virginia.  May
McClellan be successful in the great
work he has undertaken, and be
able to push forward and possess
himself of Richmond, that perfidious
nest of rebellion, where treason has
long been fostered, and thus render
useless the last prop of the
“Southern Cow-thiev-eracy!

[transcript by Mary Roy Dawson Edwards]

MSS 13925

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