1862 May 31 Fort Albany

[postscript to the letter from “Robert” an unidentified soldier in the 14th Massachusetts Heavy Artillery, of Lynn, Mass.,  to his wife “Priscilla”]

Sat Morn,  31st/62

Rainy morn.  Nothing to do today, except to clean
up clothes and tent. One of the boys is reading some
good news from the south in this mornings paper.
I bought a pint of milk this morning, for breakfast,
paid four cents for it, and had Bread & milk, with coffee,
for breakfast.  I’d rather have coffee without milk now.
The mail closes now, in a few minutes and
so must I if I send this, News Boy just passed,
crying good news, rebels retreating south.  Good mor[n]
ing dear ones, write often to yours.


MSS 1242

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