1862 May 1 near Yorktown, Va.

[from the diary of Daniel D. Logan, younger brother of General Thomas M. Logan, and a Sergeant, Co. B, 1st Special Battalion (Rightor’s), Louisiana Infantry]

Thursday April May 1st 1862
Got a horse from Capt Palmer today   rode out
& saw Mullie – The legion has reorganized for the war
Mullie is one of the few Captains retained by
his men – he was reelected by a majority of 14 votes
out of 58 – Lowndes ran against him & was thrown
out- Dotterer also.  Came in to Wmsbg to get      
some clean clothing & my papers of discharge
& pay – All the men left this morning but
Capt Smith – Nothing satisfactory about the
fall of N.O. – I feel anxious to hear from Sallie
but cannot do so any easier by going over;
nor could I do anything by going there.
I am anxious to see first what is to be
done here – & I do not wish to miss it
by going away before knowing anything
dif[f]erent in regard to the fall of N.O.
& perhaps lose the fruits of a years toil
here while on my way to Corinth – Put
up at Miss Galts – with Harris & De’Laigle –
[-] find Capt Elles in town – Cannot get my pay
until tomorrow & only then only as a favor &
through my friend Capt Harrison – Moving ordnance
&c to Richmond today!! looks bad – write to
Fry today – No chill today –

Mullie:  his brother Thomas Muldrop Logan; his opponents in the election were Cap. James A. Lowndes and Lt. William A. Dotterer

[transcription and comments by Mary Roy Dawson Edwards]

MSS 6154


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