1862 May 1 Princeton, Virginia

[from the diary of James Dismore Templeton, musician and private in the 23rd Ohio]
Thursday, May 1, 1862
Left camp early this
morning after marching
about 4 miles came up
with Co C (which had went
out from camp No 3 two nights
before) which had just had
a severe skirmish 1 killed
& 14 wounded.  We followed
up & the Cavalry had a skirm-
ish also another this evening
South of this place.  Several
Rebels have been killed, wound-
ed & taken prisoner.  Had to skip [?]
& ford Blackstone River
When we arrived here found
the place in flames most of
the houses burned.  I was the first
to enter town Rained most
of the day very mudy hard
traveling Marched 22 miles
country very mountainous
now most clear A day full
of events Long to be Remem
bered.  feel well but Tired
Howitzers fired into town.

MSS 10317

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