1862 February 27 Front Royal, Va.

Front Royal Feb 27th 1862

Dear Dick, [Richard Bayly Buck]
Having obtained Pa’s consent to join
the Army I am undetermined as yet whether to in=
=list in the “Warren Rifles” or the Cavalry and I
write to you to ascertain whether your company generally
will reenlist under Capt Simpson or whether they will
enter the Cavalry. Write to me soon and inform
me of such as intend enlisting in the Cavalry so that
I may know which branch of the service to enter for
I of course wish to be in company with my old
friends and schoolmates.

I suppose you have heard
that Miss Kattie has linked her fate with that
of Mr Samuels. Although Mr Samuels was here
for several days before the event nothing of the
kind was suspected until the morning before the
event marriage when the startling intelligence was announced
to the unsuspecting citzens. Thus have all your
Hopes and anticipations (if you ever had any in that quarter) been scattered to the wind.
There is nothing of interest transpiring in this
quarter — the same old dreary Front Royal
with the exception that it is stuck in the mud
about knee deep.
Believe me as ever your sincere friend

Giles Cook Jr

Cook became a private in Co. E, 7 Virginia Cavalry (Ashby’s Cavalry)

MSS 3064

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