1861 Nov[ember] 27 Camp Franklin

Dear parents

It is with much
pleasure that I seat myself to
write a few lines to you. I have
the pleasure of informing you
that we have recieved the basket
of victuals you sent us for a
Thanksgiving dinner it was a great
deal better because it come from
Me. I want you to tell all thoes
that assisted in sending us
something to eat from Me. that
I am greatly obliged to them for
their kindness twords us far from
home and all its ejoyments as well
as at home enjoying the pleasure
of their society It reminds me
of the many happy days I
have enjoyed in their society

[page 2]
but now we are sepearated, and,
may never all meet together
again in this world of trouble
The interest my friends feel in
my welfare inspires me with
new vigor and strength and a new deter-
minatin to defeat the purpose
of the rebels and sustain the
union and constitution at what-
ever cost of lives or money. I
cannot express one half the
gratitude I feel twords my friends
but let them rest assured it will
never be forgoten by me while I have
sence and reason spared me.

I have no particular news to
write we have recieved 25
new recrites and 4 deserters
have been returned that run
away after the battle of Bull Run
Levi Small is one of the recrites
I was very glad to meet him

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We are expecting Capt. Bucknam
back every day and I tell you
the company will be glad to see
him. I have recieved a marriage
card from Rodny and I send
it here enclosed and I want
you to keep it. I have a few
pictures I will send to Walter
you may give them to him
or keep them yourself. I suppose
you got the paper I sent you
with an account of the great
review of all the troops this
side of the Potomac it was a
grand display. Our Regt is in
Slocum’s Brigade and in
Franklin’s division we have
good officers and the men have
great confidence in them. Tell
Susan I will write to her & soon
if you see her. I have heard
from Mark Gammon he is in

[page 4]
Maryland guarding the rail road
near the Relay house in the
10th Me. Regt. I have no
more news to write this
time so I must close

Yours in haste
Hiram M. Cash

Private, Co. K, 5th Maine

MSS 12916

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