1861 October 30

[from the diary of Francis G. Hale, Co. F, 34th Ohio Zouaves]

Last night we was at
church the chaplain
preached us a short
surmon his text was
in the 1st cor ch 16 &vs 18 quit yor
selves like men be
strong he preached
a duty surmond to
us and give some of
the lazy boys fits for
their lazyness and refusing
to duty and sighted us
to the boys on the sewell
mountains how many
had there died of fatig
quiting their selves like
men we will leavee
here about 8+ comapneys
of us for mud bridge
in a day or two I expect to go
we left camp red house
to day at a bout eleven
oclock for herican
bridge we stopt in a bout three
miles of herican a bout
three oclock we will go
to mud from there I expect
to day we arived at mud
at half after seven in the
evening after a march of
eighteen miles in eight
hours we was awful tiard
when we got here a good
many give out and had
to get in the waggeons
I thought I would give
out my self but did not
I feele awful sore to night
but I felt better after
I got my supper

MSS 13405

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