1861 October 29 Camp at Centreville, Va

Rockbridge Artilley
1st Brigade 2d Corps
C.S. Army of the Potomac

Mr.Wm M. Blackford–Lynchburg
My Dear Father
Your packet of the 27th
including letters from you and mother reached
me this afternoon. I have no time now
to write at length but believe I cannot
dispatch the two notes enclosed without
a few words on general topics.
I have today had the pleasure of
seeing two of my brothers. Charles rode
by and stopped 10 or 15 minutes this mor-
ning; he was in too much hurry to dis-
mount and merely called to let me know
of his return with the Troop from Leesburg.
All the reinforcements sent up last
week came back to the army here around
last night. Bro. Charles is quite severe
on Gen. Evans who is, he declares, on the
testimony of the officers under him in
the battle, not entitled to any credit for
the achievement but quite the reverse.
His faults were those of omission, rather
than commission; e.g. he ought to have taken
all the 4000 muskets of only 7 or 800 prisoners

[page 2]
I forbear to speak further however of what
bro. Charles told me, as he will doubtless
write home more fully himself of this matter
To night just as we were going to supper
bro. William rode up. He stopped and ate
with us and set an hour or two, making
himself very agreeable. I shewed him you
letter which contained several items of general
interest. His camp is some 3 miles below this
point in the direction of the C.H. He tells
me the pickets of his cavalry regiment re-
turned last evening reporting no signs of the
enemy as far down as four or five miles below
the C. H., in the woods their outposts in
that direction must be not further out
than they were 2 or 3 weeks ago before
we fell back. Accounts somewhat similar
reached me from other quarters yesterday.
This does not look like an advance of the
Yankees, certainly, though I endeavour
never to permit myself to count upon
their not coming until it becomes impossible
Both of my brothers looked very well and
are in good spirits–that is for married soldiers.

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On Saturday night last Brooke reached the Co.
I had just fallen out of ranks from Tattoo
when a gentleman who had asked that
I might be pointed out to him, presented himself
and told me his name was Brooke, at the
same time presenting your letter. Of course we
got acquainted directly. It was about bed
time and a place to put my friend was my
first concern. I got another place for myself
for the night, and put him in my bed, which
being a particularly comfortable one for a camp
enabled him I believe to have a good rest.
I have been much pleased with Mr. B; having
seen much in him to like and nothing to
condemn. I think we shall become fast
friends. I have introduced him to my own
circle of friends & many others and think
he begins already to fell much at home.
He is for the present in my mess and tent.
The latter will probably be a permanent
arrangement, the former to last until a
new mess to consist of Trueheart, Maury, Chs. Minor
& others is made up. Trueheart, of these, only has
yet arrived & they have not yet got their mess things.

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Brooke has given me some very interesting items
of home intelligence. His gratitude for
the kindness received at our house from all
hands, and for his entertainment at Sis Sue’s
also, is very great. He expresses it with much
heartiness mingled with graceful delicacy.
He is very grateful too to Mr. Tucker too, at
whose house in Richmond he staid, for many
attentions and kindnesses. I think his exper-
ience of Va so far is tinged with a strong
couleur de rose. I feel glad it is so . He ack-
nowledges with many thanks your kind mes-
sages and reciprocates them.
Col. Rodes of the 5th Ala. has been made
a Brigadier General. This may help Eugene some
how, though I am not all desirous he should give
up his Co. I am glad Macon is his 2d. Lt.
The money-2 dollar notes-you sent came to hand.
Our Co. is about being paid off. I get nothing yet however
having joined the co. just 2 Days after our last muster day Aug. 31
I will write again this week & answer your letter
Eugene is at Union Mills. I have not seen him yet though I have
often heard Major Maury (Dick) was here to see me yesterday
He is near Eugene, in a different brigade, but Van Dorn’s Division.
your affectionate son
L.M. Blackford

Lancelot Minor Blackford, one of five Blackford brothers in the war, all alumni of the University of Virginia.
MSS 5088

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