Monday, 1863 May 11, Lynchburg, Virginia: “Lee’s right arm is taken from him”

[Diary of Confederate civilian William M. Blackford]

Monday 11. Mary and myself walked out to breakfast
with Charles. As the latter and myself
were with Dr. Rind (?) descending the Hill by
Ammunitions factory, we were talking of Gen. Jackson’s wound
and the [??] the Dr. [granted?] as his
opinion that Pneumonia suppuration after such
surgical cases was very dangerous and the dangers
chances of injury very slight. Whilst discoursing
this part Dr. Randolph heard us and told
us the news which had just arrived that the
illustrious form was no more! We were shocked
and I felt as if the victory was dearly purchased.
[Editor: Battle of Chancellorsville, May 1-4, 1863.]

[entry continued on next unnumbered page
No man’s death could send Such [?] of
sorrow throughout the [?]—No man, in any
age or country, was, in this year, with fame
so pure and [?] or required such a hold
upon the populace. Every one mourns his
loss as a personal bereavement and a national
calamity. The enemy will, like the French when
Nelson was killed, think his removal compensation
for defeat. [Editor: British Admiral Horatio Nelson (1758-1805),
was killed at the Battle of Trafalgar.] Lee’s right arm is taken from
[him]. God, I trust, will raise up another to
take his place. But as the President will find the
same in others now, whomever may command
the troops, the Spirit of Jackson will lead
it. His body arrived in Richmond today about
10 o’clock & was taken to the Governor—it
Will be removed to the Capitol tomorrow, he [will]
lie in state there & be conveyed to Lexington
for internment. News of riots in Dayton,
Ohio caused by the arrest of [Clement Laird] Vallandigham for
violating [Ambrose P.] Burnside’s atrocious order
[General Order Number 38, Department of Ohio]
threatening with death any one who criticizes the
plan of this campaign or the [actions] of the
[Dept. commander] in carrying on the war.

[Editor: Handwritten note slip inserted between these pages]:
“Stonewall Jackson is dead. When
he entered the land of departed
Spirits, Caesar, Hannibal,
Marlborough and Napoleon arose to
Salute his mighty Shade.
Richmond Examiner’s
announcement of Jackson’s Death.”

[William M. Blackford (1801-1864), a Lynchburg, Virginia, editor, postmaster and bank cashier, had five sons in the Confederate States Army. Confederate Lieutenant General Thomas Jonathan “Stonewall” Jackson (1824–1863) commanded the 2nd Corps, Army of Northern Virginia.]

MSS 4763


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