1863 February February 18 Howard 15th Conn


                   Head Quarters 15th C.V.
               Camp at Newport News, Va.
                                            Feby 18th 63
My Dear Sister,,
                             Here it is the
18th and no letter from home,,
we have had no mail for
nearly a week and we are
all feeling rather tough
about it      I don’t see why our
mail should be detained and
all the other Regts get theirs
but we belong to the “Bully”
15th”    I recieved your letter
dated Feby 3rd and answered it
but have had no other letter
from home.   Mr Huisdale says
that he sent the letter with
money by express from N Haven
and took their receipt and
I don’t see why you haven’t recd..

it or the other letter with
the order for boots and other
things, won’t you have them
ready to send by his express
next time   he starts again
from New Haven next Tuesday
     I wish you would get a
coat – boots – drawers  knife

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