1863 January 22 “Hopedale,” Albemarle County, Va.

[from the diary of Mary S. Boyden, daughter of the Rev. Ebenezer Boyden, Rector of Walker’s Parish (later Grace Episcopal), Cismont, Va.]

Thursday  Father has a private conversation with
R – this morning -relative to the lost money – He
almost immediately confessed that he had taken
the notes – said he had never stolen money before
but  & had felt very unhappy ever since it
had been done. Father talked with him a
long while, setting before him the heinousness
of the crime he had committed – that he might
be taken to jail, tried & punished for it – &
then spoke of the sin against God &c – He
was much moved, cried & seemed to evince
genuine repentance – May God grant that it
may be so!  In the afternoon father sent for
Mr Nelson to whom R confessed his fault
& restored the money – $30.  Father had
intended to ask Mr N- to flog him, but the
latter former showed so much compassion for the boy
that he did not propose it.  R stayed in his
room all day – My heart ached for him all
day & prayers were hourly ascending for him
May God hear & answer them for Christ sake

MSS 4288

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