1862 December 21 Camp near Fredricksburg

Camp near Fredericksburg
   Sunday Afternoon
       Dec 21st 1862-
        Dear Phebe
           It is the lords
Lords day and all active
opperations are suspended
the immense armies are
still and from the two
sides of the Rappahanock they
can look each other in the
face  On the right bank
you can see the ruins of a
once beautiful citty, all
torn with shot and shell
the inhabitants driven out
on to the plains and into
the woods: the guilty and the
innocent all in one mass
Under a flag of truce both
parties  are burying the dead
and removeing the wounded
to more comfortable

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quarters.  We sent 2800 to
Washington last night and
yet there are many more
The loss on both sides is
fearful but to me the
worst of all was the
bombardment of the citty
We did not arrive in time
to witness it but the effects
of it are but too plainly
visible.  There are but few
buildings either public
or private: but what are
riddled with shot: The
streets are ploughed up
by the explosions of the
shell and altogether the
scene is to horrible for
me to give you any thing
like an addequate dis
cription: Of prospects I
cannot tell you much
The reserve was sent

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for and we marched
with great speed to assist
Burnside, but it does not
appear that we were need
ed here after all and I
hear it rumored that we
shall not remain here
long: I cannot write any
more now.  I have got
the papers also the writing
paper & envelopes: I am in
want of some few things
and as it is so uncertain
whether I should get
them if you sent them
I think you had better
send me the money and
I will get them here.
We have not been paid
one cent since we left
Lynfield and when they
will pay us is more than
I know, I should like

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to have $3. or 4 you can
send it 1 at a time in a letter
and if it is lost it will not
be a great deal send U S
bills yours with love
It is dreadful cold

Josiah Perry,  Co. K, 33rd Massachusetts

MSS 2215

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