1862 November 30 Richmond

Richmond  Nov 30th
My Dear Friend
I am generally so
prompt at writing to you that I expect you
think I have forgotten you by this time.
If I did not have a good reason for
not writing I should be ashamed of my-
self but the truth of the matter is I have
not had time,  Sidney Strother agreeably
surprised me on Saturday last with a visit
and he and I had a most agreeable chat
for an hour or so–and I regret very much
I did not see him more.  Sidney gave
me a most excellent account of you and
pleased me very much by telling me you
were the most studious and promising young
man in school.  How you have changed
since you used to catch hold of the back
of my chair at [Volgar and Saltons?] and

[page 2]
almost break my neck by pulling me over-
Yes my boy you were truly a studious
fellow then–My Duck has been away from
here for three or four weeks and if ever you
did see a poor disconsolate, lonesome young
man I am that very same individual–
as Sam Weller says–I have received only
one letter from her and that too on business–
While I would take great pleasure in attend-
ing to any business for you her I think
she might also give an account of her-
self, but her letter was strictly speaking
a real business epistle.
I wish you had been here to the hauling
up of the Old General–I do not expect
he has travelled so fast before for some
time, for he certainly came from the Dock
to the Capital Square in double quick time-
We are to have a gay time of it during

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the 22nd of February when he will be uncov-
ered and left exposed to the weather all during
the winter upon the summit of that icy rock
called the monument.  the Lexington Cadets
are coming down to the Celebration on that
day-and I suppose you will come too–
If my company can uniform themselves
and be perfectly drilled by that time I’ll
turn out to receive them but I’m afraid
the hard times have thrown our company
back upon our oars and there we’ll
have to rest until the times get easier
Give my best love to all the Boys I
am acquainted with and tell Phil
Haxall I’ll write to him soon.
Answer this as soon as you get it
as I am very anxious to hear from you
                   Your Sincere Friend
                     Jas W. Pegram

Major James W. Pegram, later known for his efforts to assemble an African American Confederate Brigade

MSS 2516

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