1862 November 30 East New York

                East New York
                  Nov. 30, 1862
Feeling a little lazy I have
neglected writing until it is quite
late in the afternoon, and as I have
written every Sabbath since we have been
here I will write a few lines now.
Will answer your questions in proper
First, I enjoy myself just as well
as I can under the circumstance.
The labor  have to perform is no onerous
at all, every night about 5 o’clock
I have to go the rounds with my book
& pencil & take the names of all the
sick that have come into Hospital during
the day.  Enter their names in a book kept
for the purpose stating disease date of
entering &c  Look after the Hospital
Blankets sheets &c and see that the nurses
keep their wards clean.  I should rather

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be in the ranks than a nurse in a
Hospital. it takes the strongest men
there are in the Regt.
  I have had colds since leaving Augusta
2 or three.  my throat has not
troubled me much.
  I have had no diarrhea since
leaving Augusta.  We get good coffee
& good bread and first rate whisky.
  I dont know whether any women
go with the Regt. after we leave
here.  I have not lost any clothes yet.
  Will send my miniature as soon as
I can.
  We are about four miles from Beechers
church.  can go in and out for 10 cts.
  have received no Indemendant[sic] for sine
That red box I sold the day we
left Augusta.
  Give my best regards to Mrs. Stanby.
  The 45 was very acceptable
                  Your affectionate son

Charles Plummer Morrill, 24th Maine

MSS 11031

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