1862 October 31 Purcellville 7.30 a.m.

Hd.Qrs  Cav Brigade
Purcellville, Oct 31 7.30 a.m.
To General R. B. Marcy
Chief of Staff
Your dispatch o 8 P.M.
rec’d–I sent you word by
signal last night that my
aid found Gen. Bayard
20 miles from here beyond
Aldie, that General Bayard
concur in my views, viz, that
it would not be safe to
move on & leave Snickersville
in the enemies possession–
That he had appointed an
interview nine o’clock
this Morning at Philomont
to plan a attack on
Snickersville–this was
rendered unnecessary by
your dispatch of 10.45 P.m.
desiring no attack
                  to be made

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until more troops are on this
side of the Potomac–
  This last request I have
sent to Gen. Bayard for his
information–I have given
him all the knowledge I possess
concerning the enemy–
   He sent me word that
the rebels day before yesterday
had sent 1000 cavalry from
Warrenton to Ashby’s Gap-
but that they went off
from there yesterday.–
   As soon as any infantry
comes up I shall send
towards Ashby & see what
force they have there–
     I am, Very respectfully
            Your obt. Serv’t
               A. Pleasonton
                  Brig. General,
                     comdg &——–

MSS 495

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