1862 October 31 Purcellville 4 P.M.

Hd. Qr. Cav. Brigade
Purcellville, Oct 31. 4. P.M.
To General R. B. Marcy
     Chief of Staff.

                 One of my squadrons has
returns & reports having driven
in the enemies pickets on the
Snickerville & Aldie Pike–capturing
two carbines & two sabres the
rebels dropped in their haste–they
took to the mountains–several
Union men told the party that
Stewart with his cavalry & four
pieces of artillery crossed last
night into this valley & took
the road to Union —He left
twelve pieces of artillery in
the Gap–Some of Stuarts
men said they were going
round towards Leesburg—-
   The party report the Snicker
Gap, from what they saw of it
as a much rougher one than
the South Mountain–
    They also report a force

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on the mountain,watching
the Trap road, some five
miles south of Snickersville
        Bayards scouts ought
to hear something of Stuart today-
      The Quakers still report
a rebel force on the other side
of the Mountain opposite
        Very respectfully
            A. Pleasonton
             Brig. General

MSS 495

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