1862 October 31 Purcellville 2.15. P.M.

Hd. Ar. Cav. Brigade
Purcellville, Oct 31. 2.15 P.M.
To General R. B. Marcy-
  Chief of Staff-
Gneral, our dispatch of 10.30
a.m. marked sent 11.45, is rec’d–
   I have sent an Aid to over=
take General Bayard with a
dispatch communicating the
instructions of the General, &
to save time, have requested
General Bayard to state the
direction he thinks proper to
move where I will immediately
join him-I told my aid
to inform him, verbally, my strength
that he might form some
estimate of the entire force–
      The enemy have some
Cavalry in this valley, but
as long as they keep a signal
station on the blue ridge-
they see every movement I
can make & avoid it–

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I have three squandrons out
to day reconnoitering the Blue
Ridge for roads & positions relative
to Snickersville, & feeling the enemy.
  From all I can learn they
have both Ashby’s & Snicker
Gaps covered by troops & we
cannot get to the top of the
mountain to see the other side
for their signal informs them &
they meet us at every point–
   To see into the valley beyond
we shall probably have to go beyond
Ashby & doubtless there they have
a signal–It will be necessary
to leave some cavalry on this
line to cover the front–
      General Bayard may decide
to move on Snickersville
             Very respectfully
                 A. Pleasonton
                   Brig. General

MSS 495

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