1862 September 29 Lynchburg, Va.

Monday 29  a much milder mor-
ning–quite summer-like.  Went
with Mr. Tilg[h]man to the cars at
an early hour. He recd a letter Satur
day which required him to go to Rich
mond.  I fear he will not long
survive unless he can spend the
winter in Florida.  He is a very
fine young fellow and we all
liked him greatly.
  The lines so often quoted in
ignorance of their authorship
“Last at his cross & earliest at  his grave”
is taken from a poem by Barrett
the author of the “Heaven.” The passage is
Not she with traitorous kiss her savior stung
She while apostles shank, could danger brave
Last at his cross & earliest at his grave
For edition of the Poem see Quart. Rev.: vol. 19. 1818.
The lines are very spiritual and
the poem one we should not expect
from the author of such an extra-
vaganza as the Heroine
  The sun today was occasionally
intensely hot–The feeling was that
produced by artificial heat–
I have often observed in the autumn
The day was very delightful  heard
various rumors–The Yankees accounts
represent Buell as having made his
way to Louisville & that the city was
safe.–I dont believe it. Don Hal
-sey who was taken prisoner at
Sharpsburg came home last night
to the great joy of his friends.  He was
not hurt and was detained only
five days.  He says the loss of
the federals was immense & that our
victory was decided.  They admit
a drawn battle–went at night
to the Orange Depot to receive Mrs
Rich Davis.  We had to lodge no
less than seven visitors.

MSS 4763

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